3: The Last Day of ’16


Today is New Year’s Day. I’m honestly really excited to be starting a new year. I don’t really get into holidays, so today is just another day, to be honest, but 2016 was really shitty. That being said, the last day of 2016 was actually pretty damn good.

I had stayed over at my friend’s place (Also named Dustin), and we slept in a little bit and then we just spent the morning hanging out in the house by the fire, and watching Brave Wilderness (If you haven’t heard of Brave Wilderness, like me, it’s a pretty cool channel on Youtube where this guy goes out and interacts with wildlife and gets stung and bitten by dangerous animals. I enjoyed it.) S/O Brave Wilderness, free plug for you!


Then, as I said in my last post, I was going to be checking out a potential new vehicle for myself. Dustin’s dad owns this (I think its an ’87) F-150. It’s just been sitting and I have been having thoughts on how I could use it, so I may be trying to pick it up from him to do some modifications and go on adventures (BIG plans for my future here).


img_1648   img_1650

After that, Dustin and I grabbed lunch, and on our way back home, I saw a spot that I thought would be neat to hike out to so we could get some nice photos of Dubuque. We parked as close as we thought we could get and then set out into the woods. Once we got close to the river, I noticed that it was really like walking into a different season. The leaves were all still crunchy on the ground and the grass was green. It was super nice. I also spotted a few turkey feathers, and I can’t not take a photo of a feather on the ground.

img_1670     img_1673

We found a point with a nice view of the bridge, although it’s not the one we had planned to go to.


We stumbled across a nice little fire spot that will definitely be utilized in Spring when we can get some other friends to come out with us!


Then, we finally got to the spot we were looking for, and it was totally worth it. We were standing on what I would estimate is a 100 ft cliff.

img_1695 img_1691



The view of the Mississippi River and Dubuque was awesome. I will definitely be hitting up this spot again.


I didn’t take any photos after that, but my girlfriend showed up and we spent the rest of our night hanging out at another friend’s house for NYE. Good day.


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