4: 2016 Automotive Work

2016 was definitely a slow year for my photography in general, but since I was so frustrated with the car scene, my automotive work suffered. I only attended one car show last year, and didn’t do many shoots, but I did get a few photos that I am proud of.

I started out the year “finishing” the build of my own Scion FR-S. I added a bunch of new custom interior pieces, some fender flares, and just some small details around the entire car. I traded the car for a Subaru Legacy in October, but I had my share of fun with it while it was mine.


27593601975_97cacc134a_o    26634703384_8a31e50545_o

My first shoot was with Connor Aigner’s Scion FR-S. This car features a Treadstone Performance turbo kit, Rocket Bunny V2 widebody kit, CCW D240 wheels, and a variety of other quality parts.


26964874830_0b1fdca629_o     26964878790_96ccc69ce2_o

I then had a shoot with Tim Jones and his Mercedes C230 Kompressor, which was originally wrapped matte blue. We took some photos of the blue, and then removed it to shoot the OEM black paint underneath before the car gets sent out to get some pretty serious work done for 2017.


img_0537    img_0604

Jason Coughlin also hired me for a shoot of his Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. I have always just loved the contrast on this car. All of the carbon and black accents against the bright white paint really sets the car off.


img_0662     img_0647

And finally, Tim’s wife, Haley, also hired me to shoot her Scion FR-S. When I decided to get rid of my FR-S, Haley picked up a bunch of my parts from the CCW D240’s to the Seibon hood, Recaro SR3 Wildcat seats, Garage Vary fender flares, and more. It’s very reminiscent of my old car but, at the same time, a totally different look on the pearl white paint. This car is currently undergoing a color change and I will be shooting it again in a few weeks so be sure to look out for that!


img_0797      img_0795

I plan to make more appearances at some of the bigger shows and to do more automotive shoots this year. I might be approaching shoots a little differently. I want to try new things.

If you enjoy the work you see here, check out my Flickr by visiting the link at the top of this page. I have lots of photos to browse through there!

If you would like to book a shoot with me, send me an email by visiting the contact link at the top of the page, or email me directly at dustin.faulkner@outlook.com


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