5: Stoopicold, Recent Events, and Stuff

Hey all,

I haven’t been out shooting this week but I have been working on some stuff. I purchased a new lens to replace the wide-angle I have been using for my recent landscape shots. I’m really excited to play around with it once it arrives! I wanted to make sure I had it for my upcoming shoot with Haley’s FR-S (previous post). I also ordered some accessories for the lens, and I have some new business cards for my photography/this blog on the way.

I’m considering going down to Slammedenuff?’s Stoopicold show near Memphis, TN in a couple weeks. The show is on Jan 21, but there is also a Pre-meet on the 20th. My plan is to drive down solo on the east side of the Mississippi and try to explore some state parks or whatever other sights I see on my way down to get some nature content, sleep in my car (New sleeping bag YAY!), check out the meet/show, and then do the sight-seeing thing on the way back home on the West side of the river. It’ll be a 4.5 day round trip, cheap, and a lot of fun I think. If anyone reading this plans on coming out to the show, hit me up and let’s be friends. And also, if anyone is coming out to the Memphis area and is interested in doing a quick shoot with me, I would really like to set something up. It’ll help fund the trip, creates more content for this blog, and you’ll get some cool photos. Win/Win/Win.

I want to incorporate some more things about my personal life on this blog as well. I have such a wide variety of interests, and in the past I have made accounts on different sites that were dedicated to just one thing or another. I want this blog to explore everything that I am about. Some of you will check in for the car content, some will like the nature stuff, and hopefully you can tolerate the personal content. I’m definitely open to comments and suggestions, so if something is on your mind while reading anything here, feel free to shoot me an email!

So, I’m working on a new beard. I don’t think I have had one that I’ve been truly happy with for a couple years, so I have been thinking about what I have done differently each time, and what I did while growing the beard that I was most happy with. I’m going to go back to the way I cared for the beard pictured below and see what happens. There are some products I used at that time that are not vegan, so my beard care process had to change. I recently discovered some similar products to what I used back then that are also vegan. I will most definitely review them after testing!




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