6: Oil Change (NOT) and A Cold Walk

I planned to get the oil changed in my Subaru today, and the last time I wanted to get it done (First oil change), when I called to schedule the appointment, I was told that they do not take appointments for oil changes. They have a separate service lane for that and you can just show up. I don’t really like that. So today, I decided I didn’t want to drive as far, so I went to a dealer closer to my home and asked for an oil change and they told me I had to schedule an appointment. I assumed all Subaru dealerships were the same in that aspect, but it’s my fault for not making sure before I left. So I ended up driving a 2 hour round trip for nothing. Fail.

I did end up getting my new 35L lens this morning and I really wanted to take photos, so I went for a little walk in an area I wasn’t familiar with, on my way home, to see what I could find. It was 3° today so I wasn’t out for long, and I didn’t find a spectacular view or anything, but I did like the color combo in the area of the forest I was in. There were very cool greys, and warm tones mixed together. I just took a few photos of the colors today.




That’s all for today!


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