7: Warmer, Bluff, Ticket

I pinned this location one day while driving through the area because I thought the valley looked nice. Yesterday, I had some free time and so I took a little trip out there. Originally my plan was to get some shots of this bluff from across the ravine. There were some tall rocks that I wanted to stand on, but I was not able to climb them, so I walked across to the bluff and took some photos around it.



I was not very impressed with the view off of the bluff, but I did like the look of this lone tree out near the edge. Also, it warmed up to about 20° so that was nice!


I’m REALLY ready for the trip down to Tennessee. I feel like I just keep exploring the same spots over and over in Wisconsin because everything looks the same (not that the land here isn’t beautiful). I just want to see more variety! It’s coming up soon though, and I’m trying to be patient.

On to an update about me… About 2 months ago, I was pulled over by a State Trooper for not having a front license plate on the Subaru. I told him I would get one on and he gave me a fix-it ticket. I had to order a new plate from DOT and I’ve been waiting for it since. I received an actual ticket in the mail yesterday also for not getting the front plate taken care of, so I have court coming up soon, and I’m hoping that I can get the case dismissed since I have done everything I can do so far *sigh*

So, how was your weekend? There’s a comment box below. Let’s make the most of it!

– Dustin

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