8: 2017 Chevy Colorado Shoot & Review

I have some car shoots coming up, and it has been a little while since I shot a car, I figured I would go out and play around with my camera and test the new techniques I have been trying out on a car. My original plan was to use my Subaru as the subject, but I didn’t feel like washing it (It’s still in the 20’s today). I decided to use my dad’s new truck since I haven’t ever done a proper shoot of a truck. I figured this would be good practice for me, and since I’m doing this blogging thing now, I could write a little review.


So, the truck is a 2017 Chevy Colorado Z71. I have never really been much of a truck guy, but I think it’s more about the personalities of the majority of truck owners I have dealt with in the past, more than it is about the actual truck. That being said, I have always been attracted to GM products (sports cars), and I really enjoy this offering from them. The Colorado was never an exciting vehicle to look at in the past, and I would go as far as to say the last generation was downright ugly. The redesign that came in 2015 was much needed, and they did a great job in my opinion. This truck looks GREAT.


The front end has much more aggressive lines and looks higher quality, thanks to the black and chrome housing headlights and some chrome trim around the fog lights.

img_1973    img_1981

The rear is pretty simple, but the fenders and quarters have more of  a “Baby Silverado” shape to my eyes, and I like that. The widened arches don’t look like they are trying to be too “sporty” like the old Colorado’s.


img_2000    img_1997

I love the interior of this truck. Everything looks great. It’s not too plastic-y, and cheap feeling. I appreciate nice looking gauges, and I think Chevy utilized space in the cluster well. They chose a nice color combo too.



The seats, although leather on the sides (ugh), do feel very nice. I like the honeycomb pattern in the center and the color combo gets an A+. I would really like to see car manufacturers start offering alternatives to leather for their interiors though, and not just the basic cloth seats. We are more than capable these days to use man-made leather products, to retain a premium feel, while also being cruelty-free.


Finally, this truck has the 3.6L V6, and although I haven’t driven it a whole lot, I think the power is sufficient for it’s size. The truck isn’t too big, or too small. It sits at the right height, and looks great. The truck has a comfortable ride, and the interior has a premium feel.

Good work Chevy. You’ve made a car guy like a truck.


Hope you all enjoy the photos!

– Dustin


img_1955 img_1952 img_2025
img_2015 img_1975 img_1979

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