9: Short Hike

We had some shit weather yesterday so I was able to stay home instead of going in to work. My girlfriend and I laid down to watch some movies and I ended up falling asleep at like 8PM, and I didn’t wake up until 11:30 this morning. She had to leave, and I was feeling really lazy, so i got dressed and went out for a drive to figure out where I felt like going for a hike. My first choice didn’t work out. The trail was completely covered in slick ice, and my Subaru was sliding sideways. There were parts of the trail that had drop-offs right near the edge, so I decided that wasn’t a good idea.

I drove over to the other side of the Wisconsin River and decided to go up to this bluff that was right near the highway. It is the tallest point along the river with a spot to look out from. Since we had freezing rain yesterday, the walk up was slippery.

There was a lot more color in this area than I have seen in a while. Lots of rocks had moss and lichens on them.

img_2070    img_2055

img_2112    img_2091

I found a nice spot to sit for a little while and think. Sometimes, just a bit of alone time on the edge of a cliff can help re-motivate you. The more I get out and do things, the more I want to get out and do things.


Since my last Mac died on me and I was too stupid to have it backed up properly, I lost my music collection (everything that wasn’t on my iPod). I have been working on getting everything back and making sure it’s organized exactly how I want it this time, so it’s perfect. The cable for my iPod also was damaged recently so I have been without music on my drives, and I can’t stand the stuff that is on the radio. Kelsey brought me the cable for her iPod, so I was able to re-sync my new collection and now I can listen to it.
*insert smiley face*


Maybe I will do a post in the future about what music I listen to, since Top 40 radio garbage isn’t really my thing. Would anyone be into that?

– Dustin

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