Haley Jones 2013 Scion FR-S Shoot




I’m so fucking stoked on this set.

So, I mentioned this car a few posts ago. It used to be white, and was, more or less, stock until I sold my FR-S back in October.  Haley took the majority of my part out, and it feels like I’m being redundant by saying that again, because she’s doing her own thing to it, but I think it just makes me nostalgic because I’m seeing a different take on the FR-S, done with the parts that I sourced, myself, over the last 4 years. I did all the installs on my car, and most on Haley’s.

I got to see the car in white, and now I get to see it in this incredible looking pearlescent wrap. This color of this car, now, looks so sick, and it’s super photogenic.



No matter what angle you look at the car from, you get an interesting color, or mix of colors.


IMG_2579 copy.jpg

This FR-S is outfitted with BC Racing Type BR coilovers and full-polished CCW D240 wheels (18×10 +25 square) tucked underneath a set of Garage Vary fender flares to give it the perfect amount of low, and just enough camber for an aggressive, but classy, stance.

IMG_2631.jpg    img_2563

In the front, it sports a Seibon DV Style carbon fiber hood. I love this hood so much. The double centered vents make the front end look so much more aggressive. OEM hoods just look weird to me now. This hood also has some Aerocatch latches that I installed back in the day with some custom gold hardware. To light up the night, there are Winjet black housing JDM style headlights that give the car a much needed facelift over the stock lights.


img_2665    img_2519

In the rear of the car, you’ll find a Nameless Performance exhaust (This thing is LOUD), Tom’s black housing JDM tail lights, and the OEM Scion spoiler.



We finished up the shoot with some rolling shots on our way to grab lunch.



This HAS to be my favorite photo set in my career. 2017 is all about upping my game and proving that I’m a serious player, and the very first client shoot of the year was a huge success in my eyes. I’m using a bunch of new gear and software, trying new techniques in camera and in post-processing, and coming back from a long absence. Stoopicold and another shoot are coming up next weekend and I’m so pumped! Expect some more awesome stuff soon.

P.S. – If you like what you see here, please hit me up on the contact page and let’s book a shoot! I don’t care if you have an import or muscle car, motorcycle, truck, modern or classic, etc… I want to do as much work as I possibly can this year, and I need your help to do it!

Talk to you all soon.

– Dustin

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