BTS – FR-S shoot

I haven’t done any shooting this week yet because I have been busy with other tasks. I did get a few “behind the scenes” type images from the FR-S shoot last weekend that I thought I would share though.


Unfortunately, we broke the brand new lip at the shoot location. On the bright side, I happened to actually have an FR-S front lip in my Subaru at the time. I felt bad about bringing Haley to a location that damaged the car, so I gave her my lip to replace it. That will be on for Stoopicold, and some random photos I will most likely be taking of them around Memphis, so the next photos you see of this car will look a little bit different, but it’ll be good!


After grabbing lunch, people were driving slow and staring on the top of this parking garage. Some stopped and asked about what the car was and how they did the “paint” haha. The lines of the car looked nice in the sun.


I had gone into the shoot expecting to take some more BTS images, but I had gotten lost in just shooting the car, and I forgot. Maybe next time!

This week I have been listening to a bunch of Silverstein. They have been one of my favorite bands for years, and their most recent album ‘I Am Alive in Everything I Touch’ was one that I wasn’t sure if I liked at first, but I think it has grown to be one of my favorites by them. I like to hear good production quality in music, and if you listen to Silverstein’s albums in the order they were released, you can hear their quality progress. I also think that Shane’s voice sounds the best on this album. His screams are on another level from past albums, and his cleans, as always, are perfect. I love his voice.


There are a few tracks that really stand out to me, like ‘A Midwestern State of Emergency’, ‘Face of the Earth’, ‘Buried At Sea’. The two tracks that I like the most on the album though are the last two, ‘Je Me Souviens’, and “Toronto (Unabridged)’. I think those two right next to each other on the list really show off Silverstein’s range. ‘Je Me Souviens’ gives you a heavy intro and verses, and deep feelings in the chorus and bridge of the first. “Toronto (Unabridged)’ is the last track on the album and it was the perfect ending. It has a bittersweet feeling, and maybe I’m weird, but I like endings like that. I like endings that leave me thinking about my life, choices, and where I’m going.

If you’ve ever liked anything with screaming in it, I definitely suggest you check out this band and this album for sure. If you want to hear any of the tracks, the full album is HERE. If you like what you hear, listen to some of their other albums, and buy them if you dig what they’re doing!

Do you like or dislike me talking about music? Would you like to hear more about what I like about certain songs or the albums as a whole, as in more of a review style, or do you like that I just suggest that you should listen because I like it? Please let me know in the comments below! I want to make sure what I’m doing is being received well, and if it needs work, I will do that.

I won’t be posting again until next week, but I’ll have a whole bunch of fresh content coming. I leave for Southern Illinois tonight and then I’ll be in Memphis all weekend. Nature photos, car photos, and more about what I listened to on my trip will be here soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Dustin

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