It’s Been A While

Hey all!

So I haven’t posted anything in a bit. A lot has been going on lately and I just didn’t really have the time to get on my computer. I also haven’t used my camera a whole lot either.

First things first, I’m no longer working third shift so that’s cool. I recently was switched back to first shift. Before making the switch though, I worked on a wooden sign for a coworker. It’s just a basic paw print and some script font, but I used recycled wood and did raised artwork using laser-cut pieces. We stained the wood and assembled. It’s simple, but I think it will look nice hanging in her house.


After Stoopicold, I have been really wanting to get back into working on a car so I started searching Craigslist to see what my next purchase could possibly be. I am EXTREMELY indecisive, and any of my friends can tell you I am constantly running ideas through my head and changing my mind. I really thought I had found my next build, which would be another Mercedes 190e. I found the cleanest example of a non-Cosworth car in the country and saved up enough cash to go buy it, and then decided I didn’t want to spend that money on another Benz. By that time, I had already ordered a set of 16″ BBS RT Lorinser faces in 190e specs. I am still going to hold on to these to possibly use on my current 190e, or maybe just to rebuild myself and sell. We will see. I also had started working on the steering wheel from my last car to get it ready for the new Benz.



I got really sick last week and ended up taking the entire week off from work. The doc said I had a sinus infection AND bronchitis so that was fun. I spent a lot of time on the couch sleeping, and when I was awake I was thinking about what I wanted to do with this money I saved up for the Mercedes. I decided I would rather invest my cash in an older muscle car. I started out in a Camaro and my family has a history with muscle cars so naturally I am attracted to them. Back to Craigslist, and eventually to Hemmings after that. I was looking for old GM cars, and was going back and forth between Camaro/Impala/Chevelle/LeMans/Corvette/Corvair/Etc, and I thought I was finally going to make my choice, and then I just told myself “No”. My plan since the end of summer was to save up money and pay off some debts that I owe, and that’s what I need to do before I worry about another car/money pit. So that’s where I am at currently. I have deposited the cash I saved up in my bank account and have started paying bills off. Adulting is fun. Not.

The next order of business was getting my Subaru washed. Normally, I wash my cars 2 or 3 times a week since I drive them so much. They are ALWAYS dirty and require lots of attention to stay looking nice. Unfortunately, I had not washed this car since October. It really doesn’t look that dirty considering its been months since a wash, but it still needed it, especially after my off-roading in Illinois.



I gave it a little loving and now it’s nice and shiny. You’ll also notice the 190e behind the Legacy. I got it out and driving around over the weekend also.


Since I decided to pay off my debts, I thought I could use this opprtunity to finish my motorcycle project I started last year. I haven’t talked about my motorcycles on here yet, but I have two old Suzuki’s. One is a 1979 GS425L that I was gifted from my best friend’s dad, and the other is a 1978 GS1000. Dustin’s dad bought the 425 brand new in 1978 and rode it for 10 years before parking it in his barn until 2016 when I asked him what he was going to do with it. He told me I could take it because it was just taking up room. Awesome! I came up with a plan to build this bike into a cool cafe racer since it was so rusted up and not in running condition. The entire bike was stripped down to just the frame, and a front end from a GSX-R was added. I originally was going to use a Honda tank but changed my mind today, and decided to use the tank from my GS1000. This is totally okay, considering the plan all along has been to basically use the GS1000 motor and electronics to power the 425 build. Today I pulled the bikes out and started mocking some stuff up again. I have a bedroom full of parts to complete most of the build, so now it’s just up to me to get it done.

I really love how the GS tank looks with the GSX-R front end. It’s a little more low slung, and aggressive looking. This bike is going to be so mean when it’s done. I will definitely be posting more as things progress!




That’s all I have for now. Today was very random, but I have been doing a thousand different things lately so it is what it is. Hopefully you found something interesting here!

– Dustin

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