Mama Tried

Yesterday, my friend, also Dustin, and my other friend, Krista, went with me to check out the Mama Tried show in Milwaukee. You’ll see from my most recent posts that I bought a sport bike last week, but my love for motorcycles started with Harley’s. Now, I have never actually owned a Harley, but I remember always being drawn to the style and the sound of them. Seeing a badass biker dude with a vest and no helmet on a black and chrome American muscle bike as a kid made me want to be like that guy. Before buying my first bike, I was mostly interested in getting a Sportster, but ultimately decided on a Japanese bike instead, after being drawn to the cafe style that is becoming so popular now. I still love Harley’s though, and I was super excited to go to this show to see what was on display.

First things first, I was actually kind of irritated right when we showed up because I saw that the line to get into the show was wrapped around the side of the building. I had no idea the crowd was going to be so large. It ended up taking us almost an hour and a half to get in. That being said, I do understand why. They had to keep the amount of people inside the old warehouse under a certain count, and could only let in a specific amount of people from time to time.



Once we were inside, there was an entire floor dedicated to just vendors. We had zero interest in spending any extra money, so we went straight to the elevator and were dropped off on the top floor to get to the show. I think the location for this show is so perfect. It’s a little bit dark for photos, but the tone is incredible in person.

The first bike as we left the elevator was this nice looking Panhead. Always a solid choice.


As I made my way further in, I saw this crazy machine. It has the wheelie bar, but I’m not sure if it actually will see strip time, judging from the front end, but I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. The turbo setup was pretty rad.


The next in line was one of, if not, my favorite bike at the show. I said I love cafe bikes, so obviously this one is in my top.

The sign just says “Custom Build”, but I had a short conversation with the owner/builder, and there is a neat mix of pieces in this package. The first thing I noticed was the Norton style tank(I think. We didn’t discuss the tank, that’s just what it looks like to me, although I could be wrong). All the metal work is hand-made by the owner, and I loved the choice to do a polished finish on everything.



It features a GSX-R front end, and a 1200cc Sportster engine. The wheel choice is spot on, and the gauge setup is nice and simple. It reminds me of the look I am going for with my own build. The small “A” logo is a nice touch as well.

img_4520    img_4518


Some more polished goodness on this Moto Guzzi,


img_4528    img_4526

And even more on this Goldwing.


I liked the look of this build by Federal Moto out of Chicago. I got to talk to the owner for a bit and he mentioned that I could stop by and check out the shop some time, and I definitely am going to take him up on that offer. I’m very interested in seeing what goes on there, and I don’t know a whole lot of people in the motorcycle crowd yet.


img_4630    img_4539

I liked the small gold accents on this Moto Guzzi.

img_4548    img_4552

Two 4 cyl. engines in this build









To finish up this post, this last bike just made me think Evel Knievel. I like the whole style this thing has going on.




I was very pleased with the bikes on display at the show. What you see here is the selection of bikes that I enjoyed most at the show though. There was much more to see, so if you just like bikes in general, I highly suggest coming out to next years event. There is something for almost everyone! I’m looking forward to next year, and maybe some day I will even be able to show a bike in the event!

– Dustin

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