New gear

We had some nice weather earlier this week, and it just so happened that I had the day off from work and I also got my new gear in the mail! My original plan was to make a video of the new stuff and what I did that day but I ended up just not doing that. I have been spending quite a bit of time watching vlogs and it’s making me want to start making videos. I’d prefer to not do the same old holding a camera and talking to it though. I have some ideas and I will probably fool around and try some stuff out soon. You’ll definitely see that content here when the time comes!

So, the day I mentioned before started out with me doing an oil change on the GSX-R, which I was kind of nerved up about since the bodywork needs to be removed, but it was super easy. After that, I met up with the UPS guys and picked up my new riding gear. I ordered the Bell Star helmet in white, and the Dainese Super Speed Textile jacket in Black/White/Red. I picked those items because on my GS1000 I wear the Biltwell helmet, or some times no helmet at all, and just a denim jacket, and that just isn’t suitable for the GSX-R. I needed some safer gear.

So first up, the Bell Star



DAMN, right? It’s a sweet looking piece, and that was what first grabbed my attention. I watched a few reviews though and thought this was the helmet for me because I liked the way the visor is designed for easy swapping. I ride at all times of the day and plan on buying some tinted visors for this helmet and will need to put the clear one back on when I’m riding at night. I just have to push two buttons and its off. It’s awesome. The ventilation is also pretty good. It hasn’t been hot enough here to keep them open after testing, but I’m sure they will come in handy when Wisconsin’s hot, humid summer is back. I didn’t step up to the Pro or Race Star because those options were just simply out of my budget. So I don’t get the extra features they offer, but this helmet is still DOT and Snell approved. The fitment on this helmet is JUST a tad small in my opinion. I ordered a small based on my head size, even after reading some reviews stating the same thing I am saying right now. I really didn’t think I was going to get this on my head when I first took it out of the box. The opening in the bottom of the helmet is pretty tight, but once you can get slipped past it, the helmet fits AMAZING, so I would say that if you are thinking about picking up the same helmet, order true to size, but don’t be surprised when it feels like your head won’t fit. It will.

Next is the Dainese Super Speed Textile


I was looking for 4 things in my new jacket:

1. It MUST be textile/mesh. Due to me being vegan, leather is not an option.
2. It MUST have quality armor. If I go down on my bike, I want solid protection.
3. It MUST have white on it. My bike is white and I wanted it to somewhat match.
4. It MUST have a sporty cut. If you don’t look good doing it, why do it at all?

This ended up being the jacket that fit the criteria. Having the restriction of textile/mesh narrowed my selection down quite a bit. Most jackets have acceptable armor so that wasn’t a big deal. The last two were what really made my selection process difficult. Most of the jackets that had white on them weren’t in a sport cut. They were bulky, ugly pieces of material made for old dudes on BMW touring bikes. The Dainese jackets were almost all pretty aggressive looking so I narrowed my search to specifically that brand. My first choice was out of stock in my size, so I ended up with my second, the Super Speed. Looking back at the other option, I am very glad I chose this.

I am 5’10”, and 140lbs, and by Dainese’s size chart, I should technically be up a size or two, but I prefer my clothing to fit a little more snug than others so I chose a size 48. The jacket is definitely snug, but It doesn’t feel too tight either. It’s fits exactly how I want it to. The elbow and forearm armor is CE1 rated, and the shoulder armor is also CE1 rated, but features stainless steel sliders on the outside of the jacket. I do have two gripes about this jacket. I think that it is slightly too short at my waist. I do have a long torso and some short legs though, so it might be perfect for a normal person. The next actually bummed me out a lot. I watched a few reviews and read some comments, and no one mentioned that there actually is a small amount of leather featured on this jacket. The neck roll is black leather, not synthetic, or neoprene, or something similar. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had known that, but I also didn’t even notice it until after riding with it for two whole days, and at this point the jacket isn’t returnable. If anyone from Dainese sees this post for some reason, PLEASE offer your textile products completely free of leather. There are not an overwhelming amount of vegan motorcyclists, but we do exist, and our choices are super limited. I honestly might just send them an email in the near future seeing if they would have any interest in offering leather free options. I will definitely be a returning customer if they do that, because this jacket fits, and looks, incredible.

All in all though, I am satisfied with my choices and definitely recommend these products to anyone who wants safety without sacrificing style.


As I type this post, I do have a few more products on the way to me. I ordered a Dainese Manis back protector to put in the jacket, and pair of rad gloves that have some armor in them as well. You will see them soon!

Later that day, I rode over to the other Dustin’s apartment and we went to test ride motorcycles for him. I’m pretty sure he has made his decision, as he put a deposit on one. Once he actually picks it up, I will most likely grab some cool shots of it to show off here.

And finally, you’ll notice the logo up top has changed to a GIF. I created this little animation to use for my intro when I start making videos, but thought why not add it to my site as well? I dig it up there. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!
– Dustin

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