Tuner Galleria / World of Wheels

Yesterday I took a trip down to Chicago to check out Tuner Galleria and World of Wheels. My plan was to do photo coverage and also try to shoot some video. I arrived at Tuner Galleria first, started walking around the show, and just really was not feeling it. I think the cars on display were pretty mediocre, to be honest. There were a few nice examples to see though. I decided to leave Tuner Galleria, and check out World of Wheels next. I was already upset about TG that I went into WoW with a bad attitude and people were just annoying me when I was trying to get decent photos so I just gave up trying to get pics of everything. I stopped a few times but my coverage from this event is going to be very short. Sorry about that, but it just wasn’t the day for me.

The first photos I took were of my buddy, Connor’s, FR-S. We met a few years ago when we both had recently picked up our cars and they were mostly stock. It’s been awesome to see how our builds progressed and took different directions. He picked up my roll cage and painted it red. It’s cool to see a part of my car living on in his.





That’s it from Tuner Galleria from me. These were the only cars that really did it for me. But now, as I type this, I do remember that I saw a super nice 190E Evo that I forgot to go back and photograph. When I was walking by it, there was a huge crowd around it. I’m sure I’ll see the car again some day.

On to World of Wheels…


I really, really, liked this split window Vette. Perfect.




The best part of the day though was looking at the next two motorcycles. They were both very unique and had great style.


This was my favorite though.


All of the small details really made it stand out to me.

img_4771    img_4775


Thanks for checking out my pathetic selection of photos! Hopefully the next event will be better for me! This week I have some stuff arriving in the mail, so that will get talked about in a post, and next week is the Carpenter Brut show in Chicago! I’m really hoping to get some good photos of that!

– Dustin

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