New Turn Signals

One of the turn signals on my new GSX-R broke the other day so I decided to get some new ones. I didn’t really like how bulky the ones that came on it looked anyway. I found some really small pieces from MotoGadget that are also very bright, so I gave them a try.

I received them in the mail this afternoon, so I went straight out to the bike to install them. I love how small they are. A normal person will most likely not even notice them until they actually see it blinking.


I used a small rubber grommet from my local hardwore store between the light and the license plate bracket, and the fit was perfect.


You would think that such a small unit wouldn’t put out enough light to keep you safe, but these are actually MUCH brighter than the large pieces I took off.

I made a GIF to show them in action


Overall, installation was super easy. After crimping on some bullet connectors, it was plug and play. They look great, with a low profile, and shine super bright. I chose to not install resistors to fix the hyper flash. I am a fan of the quick flashing because I think it draws more attention, and that’s what you want, right? I put in another order to replace the front signals with these since I am happy with them.

I’ll be taking some photos of more packages I received tomorrow!

– Dustin

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