New Gloves / Fixed Bike

Hey everyone!

So, I haven’t posted about this because I planned on doing a vlog about it, but my GSX-R was leaking gas in my garage about 2 weeks ago. I came home from hanging out with some buddies and smelled it in the garage, so I checked out where it was coming from, and it happened to be the fuel pump gasket underneath the tank. I found out that there was a recall for this gasket…. years ago…. and the owner at the time didn’t have it fixed. I ordered up the new gasket and emptied out the tank. I had been waiting for it to arrive so I can get the bike running again, and it came today!

I got home from work and went straight into getting the gasket and tank installed back on the bike. It went back together super quick and easy, and I couldn’t be happier. I put some gas in it and rode down to the gas station to fill it up. After that, my girlfriend and I hit up a spot just outside of town to get some photos. Today was really cold but the light was nice and warm.



I also received my new Spidi TXR gloves a couple days ago, but I wanted to include them in this post instead of doing a completely separate post just for one photo. I needed a hard armored knuckle glove that didn’t use leather in it’s construction. I didn’t have very many options, but these ones match perfectly with my Dainese jacket, and they have a bit of blue to tie back in with the bike. Solid choice. I really enjoy doing the floating effect with my new product photos, so here it is again.


I broke my hand, and now have a plate in it, and this glove puts pressure right on it, so I feel like it might get somewhat uncomfortable on longer rides, but time will tell.

I have the new M Blaze turn signals on the way for the front, and also some dress up bolts to replace the blue bolts that are everywhere on the bike. I am pre-registered for Battle of the Imports during Automotion in Wisconsin Dells this year. I have brought my FR-S in the past years, but since my bike is my toy now, it’s coming along. So I definitely have some work to do get it in tip top shape for a show. It’ll be fun!

– Dustin

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