Recent Happenings

What’s up everyone!

I haven’t posted in a bit. I just haven’t felt motivated to get out and shoot stuff and we honestly haven’t been having the nicest weather lately. I’ve been ordering and replacing parts on my GSX-R though. I also rode up to La Crosse to check out a car show.

In a previous post, I changed out my rear turn signals for the MotoGadget M-Blaze Pins, and recently I also swapped out the front signals. I modified the oem turn signal mounts to accept the MotoGadget units. They are so small and help give the bike a sleeker appearance.


IMG_4848    IMG_4844
Next, since I buying the GSX-R, I haven’t been a fan of the blue anodized bolts that were holding pretty much everything down, so I picked up some titanium ones from Pro-Bolt. I have been purchasing dress-up bolts from these guys since back when I had my FR-S, but they actually make most of their products for motorcycle applications, and they offer full kits for lots of different bikes. Definitely check them out if you want to change up bolts on your bike.


Pro-Bolt also hooked it up with some titanium brake rotor bolts.


They replaced some ugly looking orange and blue painted bolts. Ehh.


I also didn’t like the brake and clutch levers that were on the bike. A quick Google search showed they are $12 a pair, and you really get what you pay for.

I went with a pair of black CRG RC2 shorty levers. They were extremely easy to install and are SO MUCH nicer. They don’t rattle around like the other levers and they look amazing. I will be purchasing these same levers for my other bikes for sure.


That’s about it for bikes mods right now. I do have a few more bolts on the way that I forgot to order the first time, and a couple mods I am still thinking about but the GSX-R is almost done. My next project will be to get the GS1000 up and running again. In some older posts I mentioned that I was going to be using parts from the GS1000 to build my GS425L, but I have decided that I want to keep the GS1000 pretty much how it is so that I can also ride that bike. I like how comfortable it is, and if I only have the GSX-R and GS425L, I will only have bikes that force you into an aggressive position. I’d like a more cruise friendly bike as well. So my plan now is to check out and clean the carbs and diagnose any further issues with the GS1000, repaint the bodywork, and ride it as it is. Then I will be rebuilding the 425cc motor for my cafe build instead of using the 1000cc motor, and just continue on with that build as I was already.

I stopped by Rod’s shop in La Crosse and they told me there was a car show in town that day so I rode over and checked it out. It was very small and the cars were crowded together. The event was really not photographer friendly and I hope in the future they organize the event differently. There were a few cars I did like and actually could photograph though.

This challenger was pretty dope. I liked that it was essentially a classic body on all new everything else. The updated grill and tail lights looked awesome.


Red always looks good on the old Impala’s and Chevelle’s.


I also got a couple pics of this R32 Skyline. I dig the Recaro SR3’s with the confetti print!



Hopefully we get some nicer weather soon. I’d like to take more photos and post more regularly.

Thanks for stopping by!
– Dustin

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