GSX-R Photos

I have been riding the GSX-R a lot lately, and as a by-product, I have also been taking lots of photos of it. I have been away from the blog until yesterday so I think it’s time to dump those photos in a post. I added the tank grips that have been sitting in my room for a month or so. I don’t know if I like the color or not. The website strongly suggested against using clear grips on a white bike, but I went with clear anyway, and they are slightly discolored compared to the pure white of the bike. I may end up swapping them for black grips in the future, but I really wanted to see the graphics. I am super happy with how these first two photos turned out though.

IMG_5049     IMG_5031

The next photos are from a short ride with Kelsey around the area she lives in. There are a bunch of nice back roads around, and I have been wanting to take some pictures there for a while.



And finally, I took a few photos of my car and bike after washing them the other day. The Subaru needed a wash so badly. It was filthy; I’m pretty sure Tennessee was the last time it was washed. Now they both look great!



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