Suzuki GS1000 Rebuild

Recently, I finally started on the rebuild project for my GS1000. This bike was my first motorcycle, and I rode it while I had my permit. My original plan was to use this motor as the heart for my GS425L build, but after getting my GSX-R, I realized that I just love this bike way too much to not have it anymore.

Last fall, it had some motor problems on the last day I rode it. I started it up this Spring, and it just wasn’t running right, and I think the motor needs to be gone through and rebuilt. I decided that I was going to restore the bike completely while doing this.

Here are some photos from last year when I bought it.



A few weeks ago I pulled the motor with some help from my dad. It is going to sit for a bit, while I work on the visual aspects of the bike first.


I started stripping the bike down to just the frame next. I brought the bare frame, and a bunch of accompanying parts to a somewhat local powder coating shop to have them redone in semi-gloss black.

IMG_6542     IMG_6547

I started on rebuilding the calipers. These will also be dropped off for some powder coat soon. I will be cleaning up the pistons and replacing the seals and boots.


And finally, I started working on the tank today. I stripped it down to bare metal to do some body work. I will then be repainting the tank and other pieces myself. I have been slowly acquiring all of the supplies to start spray painting in my garage. It should be pretty nice once it’s finished!


On the way, I have 70-80% of all of the hardware required to reassemble the entire motorcycle. I opted to go with brand new, stainless steel, from Pro-Bolt. I have been buying hardware from these guys for a few years, back when I was working on my Scion FR-S, and I absolutely love their products. They are pricey, but WELL worth it, in my opinion.

That’ll wrap up this post. Stay tuned for more!

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