GS1000 Paint

The last post ended with the original paint being stripped from the tank. This last week I have been doing bodywork and paint.

First, I got the entire tank to bare metal and touched up a couple spots that needed attention.


I sprayed epoxy primer on the tank to seal the metal before Bondo.


Unfortunately, just after taking the last photo, the tank fell from what it was hanging on. The concrete floor was not very kind to the metal. I now had to do some sanding, and re-spray the epoxy primer. I followed that up with Bondo and shaping, and 2K surfacer.

IMG_6596     IMG_6606

I let the surfacer cure until today. I got all my supplies in order and was ready to lay down some paint.


I sprayed the pieces in a medium-dark silver, and it went on flawlessly. I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos about painting and people are always talking about how silvers are difficult to spray, but I had absolutely no trouble with it. After 2 control coats, the metallic was sitting nicely, and it was time for clear.

The clear is where things went downhill. I layed on the first 2 coats and everything looked fine. I did the third coat, and it looks a little light, so I hit it again quickly (big mistake). The clear started running in a few spots, so I will have to try to fix that in the wet sanding/polishing process. Overall though, the job is pretty decent for my first time using an HVLP gun instead of a spray can.


I think if the runs polish out well, the paint will look very very nice for a home job.

More coming soon!

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