Phillips, WI Photos

It’s been about 6 weeks, I think, since Kelsey and I took a trip up north to visit her aunt and uncle in Phillips. I finally have edited the photos so I can post them. I am so behind, and the longer I wait, the harder it is to finish. Anyway, back on topic…

We drove up with Kelsey’s mom and dad and stayed the weekend in her aunt and uncle’s cabin. We did some random stuff around town and made food for most of the time. One of the days though, we spent hiking in the Little Falls/Slough Gundy area. The vegetation in this area was a lot nicer than around home and it was much more enjoyable to explore, since I’ve been getting bored around home.


I love how there was moss on just about everything

IMG_6470     IMG_6472

IMG_6438     IMG_6481

Little Falls lived up to it’s name, but it was still nice to hang out there for a bit



IMG_6459     IMG_6458

It was a pretty good weekend. I’d like to get up north more often. Maybe soon!

– Dustin

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