Phillips, WI Photos

It’s been about 6 weeks, I think, since Kelsey and I took a trip up north to visit her aunt and uncle in Phillips. I finally have edited the photos so I can post them. I am so behind, and the longer I wait, the harder it is to finish. Anyway, back on topic…

We drove up with Kelsey’s mom and dad and stayed the weekend in her aunt and uncle’s cabin. We did some random stuff around town and made food for most of the time. One of the days though, we spent hiking in the Little Falls/Slough Gundy area. The vegetation in this area was a lot nicer than around home and it was much more enjoyable to explore, since I’ve been getting bored around home.

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Suzuki GS1000 Rebuild

Recently, I finally started on the rebuild project for my GS1000. This bike was my first motorcycle, and I rode it while I had my permit. My original plan was to use this motor as the heart for my GS425L build, but after getting my GSX-R, I realized that I just love this bike way too much to not have it anymore.

Last fall, it had some motor problems on the last day I rode it. I started it up this Spring, and it just wasn’t running right, and I think the motor needs to be gone through and rebuilt. I decided that I was going to restore the bike completely while doing this.

Here are some photos from last year when I bought it.


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Automotion 2017

I got back from Automotion a few hours ago and just finished up my photos. Editing a whole set on the same day weekend as an event or shoot is something I haven’t done in a loooong time. Anyway, this year I stayed in a cabin with my girlfriend, Dustin and his girlfriend, and our friend Brandon. We had all planned to ride our bikes this year but the weather was not permitting. We opted to cruise around in Brandon’s Ram.

When we first got to the Dells, we just did a bit of walking around downtown to see who was hanging out.


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I just sat down at my computer after getting home from work. I want to type this out right now while the event is fresh in my mind. I think a lot about events in my life that actually teach me lessons and how very few of those scenarios present themselves again after I have learned how to react to them. I honestly hope a situation like this doesn’t present itself again, but it might.

Today, on my drive home, I passed some dead animals in the road, like normal, but most were too far gone for me to do anything about them. I always stop to move dead animals to a safer spot nearby (woods or a field) so that A) They don’t get repeatedly run over, because that is just not okay, and B) Scavengers are not in harms way while they are feeding on said animal. I have a policy though, that I only will pick them up if they are in relatively decent shape. There was one animal today, a racoon, that was within my standards of moving, so I turned back around for it. I pulled over and got out of the car to pick it up, and I touched it’s back and it growled at me and twitched. I was shocked because the blood on the road was dry, like it had been there all day. I’m guessing this animal has been suffering on the highway all day after being hit sometime in the morning, which is awful. I started weighing my options; Do I attempt to move it off the road while it’s still alive and then worry about the next step? Do I just find a large rock and take care of this right now? Should I use my knife? Do I just drive home and get my gun and shoot it? But then it’s going to be out here for quite a bit longer and firing a gun out on a highway is illegal… But it was out in the country, so I could probably just do it and no one would know.

I hopped back in my car so I could run home and grab my pistol, and there were some trucks coming so I waited until they passed and an unmarked State Trooper was behind them, so I pulled out and followed him. I drove behind this Trooper for about 5 or 6 miles honking my horn, flashing my lights, and motioning for him to pull over. Nothing. So finally I decided I was just going to pass him and then use my hazards to get him to stop, so I did. Immediately after passing him, he turned on his lights and pulled me over. He was kind of an asshole really, but I explained that I had been attempting to get his attention for miles. He still asked me for my license and insurance, blah blah blah. He came back with a warning for speeding (WHAT?? But that really isn’t the point), and then he followed me back to the coon.

I was thinking he would shoot it, but no, he grabs a shovel out of the back of his car and proceeds to beating this poor fucking animal over and over and over. I watched as the racoon’s body thrashed about uncontrollably, and it’s eyes popped out of it’s head. Blood was everywhere. It was absolutely sickening, and the regret I felt for deciding to involve this officer in the situation was massive. I made it so much worse than it already was. I should have taken care of it myself.

Right now I feel sick, and sad, for the racoon that met such a brutal and unfortunate end. I just didn’t want it to suffer any longer, alone and scared, in the middle of a highway. At the time, stopping the cop to help out the situation felt like the right choice, but now I know it wasn’t. I truly hope I don’t have to deal with a situation like this again, but it wasn’t my first, so I am sure it won’t be my last. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Lesson learned.